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online TESOL certification program has been evaluated and recommended for college credit by The American Council on Education's College Credit Recommendation Service. (ACE CREDIT)



American TESOL Institute

is approved by the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs to offer test for licensing and certification needed to enter, maintain or advanced into employment in a civilian vocation or profession under Title 38 of the U.S.C., and Chapter 1606 of Title 10 U.S.C.



American TESOL Institute

is approved by the Georgia Department of Education Office of Professional Learning.

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TESOL - Expert

American TESOL Expert online certification program gives you a general guide to the theoretical approaches of TESOL. Methodologies of TESOL, TEFL, and ESL are explored, with focus on building the style of teaching that best suits your personality. TESOL Expert programs are comprised of three courses totaling 200 hours. Successful graduates receive TESOL Advanced certification, TESOL for Business, and TESOL for Children specialty certifications.


Program Objectives

  • Examine the core knowledge of TESOL
  • Create ESL lesson plans
  • Assess and compare TESOL methods of teaching
  • Facilitate successful communication in the TESOL classroom

Goals Addressed

  • Correctly identifying methods and approaches to TESOL.
  • Improvement of student achievement by creating a safe and shameless learning environment.
  • Improvement of teacher confidence.
  • Introduction to teaching ESL online.

Competencies Participants will be able to:

  • Consistently provide a classroom environment that is supportive to the latest trends of TESOL.
  • Design and implement ESL lesson plans that reflect best teaching practices, and target student ESL learning needs.
  • Demonstrate high expectations of all students learning.
  • Monitor and assess student progress.

TESOL certification issuance based on:

  • Successful completion of required assignments
  • Successful completion of required lectures
  • Successful completion of required quizzes
  • Successful completion of required thesis

Distance Learning

  • Allows you to create your own learning environment
  • Allows you to complete studies at your own pace
  • Allows you to fit curriculum into a busy lifestyle
  • How it Works Online
  • Utilization of learning software such as Moddle, Adobe Connect, & Php Live - Login to complete assignments and view you progress towards TESOL certification - Interact live with American TESOL instructors via webcam & chat

Program Completion

  • American TESOL Advanced Certification
  • American TESOL for Children Certification
  • American TESOL for Business Certification
  • Optional job placement teaching English abroad to adults or children


  • A computer and internet connection
  • English fluency
  • GED or High School Diploma

American TESOL Institute Expert Program includes 3 e-books, and consists of assignments and readings from Cambridge University Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages textbook, Teaching English to Children, & Barrons ESL Guide to American Business English. All materials are included in the tuition price.


TESOL Expert content

Module One – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 1 - 3, Cambridge Guide to TESOL What do the acronyms TESOL, SLA, L1 and L2 stand for? Guide to acronyms Describe the bottom-up and top-down listening processes Guide to Listening
  • Processes Acronyms & Listening Processes Quiz

Module Two – 3 Hours

  • Name and describe the four fundamental properties of spoken language
  • Guide to properties of spoken language
  • Properties of spoken language Quiz

Module Three – 3 Hours

  • Name and describe three examples of input sources used to teach listening Guide to input sources Input Sources
  • Quiz

Module Four– 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 4 - 6, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Name and describe the four major processes of speech production
  • Guide to speech production
  • Speech Production Quiz

Module Five – 1 Hour

  • Wikipedia Reading Assignment
  • Define Pedagogy:
  • Guide to pedagogy

Module Six – 3 Hours

  • Video Assignment - Observing Standards-in-Action: ESL Classroom Lesson
  • Reading Assignment - Approaches to TESOL PDF document
  • e-book Reading Assignment
  • Name and describe techniques and methods that are successful in English L 2 writing classrooms.
  • Guide to L2 classrooms
  • TESOL Methods & Approaches Quiz

Module Seven – 3 Hours

  • e-book Reading Assignment PDF document
  • Define: Grammar, Morphology and Syntax
  • Guide to Grammar, Morphology and Syntax
  • Grammar, Morphology and Syntax Quiz

Module Eight – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Review Chapter 5, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Discuss formal and functional grammar approaches
  • Guide to functional and formal approach

Module Nine – 2 Hours

  • SEP Reading Assignment
  • Briefly describe the philosophy of connectionism
  • Guide to connectionism

Module Ten – 5 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 6 - 7, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • In writing practices, Lewis concentrates on what he calls lexical chunks. Describe the characteristics of the lexical approach.
  • Guide to lexis.

Module Eleven – 3 Hours

  • Preparing for the Classroom
  • Video Assignment - How to Teach Resource
  • Guide to Lesson Planning e-book PDF document
  • Create 5 lesson plans using a 45 minute template
  • Guide to lesson plans

Module Twelve – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 8 - 10, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Define pronunciation; also, describe its elements.
  • Guide to pronunciation.
  • Elements of Pronunciation Quiz

Module Thirteen – 2 Hours

  • What learning materials/teaching aids will you utilize in the TESOL classroom?
  • Guide to teaching aids.

Module Fourteen – 2 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 11 - 13, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Define Psycholinguistics and Bilingualism.
  • Guide to psycholinguistics.

Module Fifteen – 6 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapter 14, Cambridge Guide to TESOL & American TESOL Advanced Course E-Book pages 7 - 35
  • Define sociolinguistics, and the difference between macro and micro sociolinguistics.
  • Guide to sociolinguistics.
  • Approaches to TESOL
  • Describe five approaches to TESOL
  • Guide to approaches and methods.

Module Sixteen – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapter 15, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • What are the different ways you can utilize computers in the classroom?
  • Guide to CALL.
  • Extra Credit - Create a Lesson for CALL

Module Seventeen – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 16 - 19, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Define Observation and its four broad functions in context to TESOL teaching.(Chapter 16)
  • Guide to observation.

Module Eighteen – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 20 - 21, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Video Assignment - Student Assessment
  • What are the different concepts you will explore when doing student assessments? (Chapter 20)
  • Guide to student assessment

Module Nineteen – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 22 - 23, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Define syllabus, and the four elements that accompany the syllabus.
  • Guide to syllabus
  • Syllabus Quiz

Module Twenty – 3 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapter 24, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Reading Assignment - Learning Strategies for TESOL
  • Name and describe 5 language learning strategies for TESOL
  • Guide to learning strategies
  • Learning Strategies for TESOL Quiz

Module Twenty-one – 10 Hours

  • Reading Assignment - Chapters 25 - 30, Cambridge Guide to TESOL
  • Reading Assignment - Review Approach & Method
  • Read chapters 25-30. In detail, explain one method of TESOL teaching that you think will work the best for you in the TESOL classroom? Why?

Module Twenty-two – 10 Hours

  • TESOL Thesis Assignment
  • TESOL Thesis should be 2 - 4 pages typed and double-spaced.
  • Guide to TESOL thesis
  • TESOL for Business & TESOL for Children – 120 Hours
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